YQ + Maureen Tied the Knot!!


The last quarter of 2015 wedding season is in full swing and there are so many photos we are dying to share with all of you.  It has been quite busy over here with meetings, events, designing, planning and prep works. But we wanted to pause for a moment and share with you these lovely photos from Yin Qing & Maureen’s wedding.

This fun romantic backyard UP inspired wedding was held at Skyve Bistro. When we first met YQ + Maureen, they had a clear vision on what theme they want for the wedding and both are sharing the same passions on “Many firsts.” “Many Firsts” represent things that they do together for the first time and also things that they would not have done without each other. Because of that, they went for musicals, hiking and did many things and they strive to continue to do so in the future.

They are one of the most easy-going and sweetest couples that we had met. We love it when clients trust us from start to finish as it allows us to explore more in creativity design process while we keep things within or under their budget.

There are tons of handmade and DIY works for this wedding from a huge UP house angbao box that we made from scratch, stripes and stripes of colorful tassels, till hot-air balloons. But it’s truly worth all the works when we see how they loved and had fun on the wedding!
Enjoy their wedding images and be sure to like us on Facebook & follow us on Instagram to keep up with everything we are doing! (:
WD_angbao boxweddingdiary_uptheme-014caweddingdiary_uptheme-018caweddingdiary_uptheme-012caweddingdiary_uptheme-002caweddingdiary_uptheme-003caweddingdiary_uptheme-001caweddingdiary_uptheme-004caweddingdiary_uptheme-013ca

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