Alex + Sherlene Tied the Knot!

Hello all!! In a wink of an eye, we are already halfway through the year and we hope that the year has been great for you thus far. But if not, keep your heads up and keep walking on, here at Wedding Diary, we always believe that the end is truly more glorious than the beginning. (:

Occasionally, we will take some time out to journal down our works and experiences with our couples. For today, we will be looking at a quirky pair of lovebirds that proved that love can transcend any differences and boundaries. Despite the differences in their personalities, the love that Alex+Sherlene have for sports (mixed martial arts and yoga respectively), food and most importantly for each other, naturally supersedes all disparities. With many of us drooling with envy, this pair has the best of both worlds – food and fitness!!

After 4 years into their relationship, Alex+Sherlene finally tied the knot in January this year and had their English-styled wedding at a place not unfamiliar to us – Skyve Wine Bistro.

We painted the place with rustic elegance as we incorporated lots of aged gold elements together with a tinge of burgundy and blush into our décor to accentuate the details. Gold is no longer a colour of the past, in fact, we can’t help but to admit that it is one of the favourite picks when it comes to wedding styling in recent years. The classiness and warmth it carries can change the atmosphere and overall vibe of the wedding! So, don’t be afraid to say consider this colour! Don’t believe me? Let the pictures speak for themselves! (:

Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-8Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-12

Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-29
Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-41
Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-48Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-59Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-60Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-61Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-63Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-66Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-68Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-70Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-71Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-76Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-77Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-79Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-80Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-82Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-92Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-95Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-130Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-151Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-244Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-245Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-247Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-252Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-267Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-374Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-406Alex & Sherlene's Wedding Day-412Alex & Sherlene_Wedding Diary00a

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Love always,
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