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Each Chapter is specifically designed to meet your needs. From crafting a beautiful concept to fulfill a bespoke look or getting from scratch to the big day or taking the weight off your family and friends to orchestrate ever element to the very last detail.


wd_rusticwhimsical12This Chapter is for you if you have no idea what kind of theme you want for your wedding. Or you might have spent countless hours decor hunting but yet you couldn’t quite decide on the design direction or helpless on how to enhance and beautify your wedding venue.

We are here to help you to carry out the ideas and suggestions for the decor of your wedding as well as a mood board to fully capture your preferred style and theme to ensure the overall mood and feel is consistent and will gel well to the theme. Think of us as the interior decorator for your wedding while you are busy being the bride!

This Chapter includes:

  • Wedding Consultation
  • Creative Direction: Mood Board & Color Scheme
  • Wedding Design & Conceptualization
  • Styling Preparation: Site Visit, Sourcing, Production, Crafting Props
  • Decorations: Materials, Props, Flowers
  • Logistics and Execution: Actual Day Styling, Delivery Arrangements, Setting Up & Tearing Down


NYXX_wedding at RWS02c
Do you need guidance in the Wedding Design direction and without taxing your friends on the running of your wedding programme? This is the Chapter right for you.

Planning a wedding is one thing, but to go beyond and orchestrate every element to the very last detail require a meticulous team. This is our Hotseller Chapter specially designed for our savvy and sophisticated couples.

This Chapter includes:

  •  Wedding Consultation
  • Creative Direction
  • Wedding Design & Conceptualization
  • Styling Preparation
  • Logistics and Execution
  • Wedding Stylist Team
  • A Comprehensive Wedding Program and Event Flow
  • Main Point of Contact for All Helpers/Vendors
  • Orchestrate Wedding Rehearsal and Brief The Wedding Party
  • Onsite Wedding Management/Coordination Team

This Chapter will enable you to enjoy every moment of your Special Day with a team of coordinators running the show for you while you’re fully focused on enjoying every moment of your Big Day.

NYXX_wedding at RWS04a
There’s a smile in your heart, a joy in your step, a glitter on your ring finger! You are basking in the glow of being engaged! But you feel completely overwhelmed by the wedding planning and preparations.

This is our Signature Chapter with every topic relating to your wedding will be given advises and guidance in every best possible way. Right from the beginning stages of wedding preparations to your Big Day, every step will be accompanied and guided by us.

Specially designed to cater to your unique requirements and covers every single aspect of your wedding preparation all the way to your big day. In this Chapter, we will take care of every detail pertaining to your wedding essentials, vendor sourcing & recommendation, conceptualization, detailed task checklist, reception consultation and entertainment. For any feasible service or item you require, we will do our best to make everything happen for you.
On your big day, our wedding management team will be onsite to coordinate and orchestrate the event flow. Ensuring your wedding runs smoothly with your guests enjoying themselves. And you, be the bride you should be. Enjoying and living every second of the best day of your life.

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  1. June says:

    Hihi! i have been following Helen’s blog for sometime now and is sooo excited to hear about the partnership! kudos girls! i’m a btb in Oct 2011 and is embarking slowly on my planning journey. i’m keen to discuss more of my requirements with you girls and see how i could need some help for realising my dream wedding. i’m probably looking at chapter 1 and 2 at this point. can you forward me your pricing?


  2. Jun Li says:


    I am interested in your services (Chapter 1 and 2). Can I know how your pricing like? Thanks a lot.

    Jun Li

    1. Hi Jun Li
      We have sent the details to your email. Thanks for your enquiry (:

      Diary & Design

  3. Peiqiao says:

    Hi, I chanced upon this blog and I think the design of your blog captivates me. I am a BTB in Oct 2011.

    Currently has absolutely no idea in how my wedding will be like. Would like to hear from you. Can I know what will be the pricing like?

    Thanks and warm regards,

    1. Hi Peiqiao, thank you for your enquiry. We just sent you an email! Cheers!

  4. ash says:

    hi,i would like to find out more about the pricing list? planning to get married next yr july but until now all i can think of is i want a tiffany blue + brown theme…

  5. Priscilla says:

    Hi, i’m interested in finding out more about the services. Can you email me your price list?


  6. felicia says:


    I chance upon your blog while I was researching for my own wedding on the last quarter of 2011. I am very interested in the service that you are providing especially for chapter 3. I was wondering if you could contact me on the pricing for your service.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi, could I please have a copy of your price list? Thanks much!

  8. Jeslyn says:


    I am interested in finding out more about the services. Can you email me your price list?

    1. Hi! Thanks for your enquiry, please refer to your email for details (:

      Diary & Design Wedding

  9. natalie says:

    hi, i will be having my wedding in June 2011

    can i find out about the costs and details of your services, in particular the differences in coverage in the chapters?

  10. Sonia says:

    Hi, i’m interested in your “chapter 5”, would like to know the cost.


  11. Jasmine says:


    your diary posts are really sweet and they give me great inspirations to design my wedding as well. Can you let me know how is your pricing like?

    Thanks! =)

    1. Dearie Jasmine, thanks for the compliment (: Please check your email for the details!

      Diary & Design Wedding

  12. Julia Chan says:

    Hi, I would like to find out more about entertainment options for guests at my wedding e.g. photobooth, songs selection, caricature, wire craft, dessertbar or other ideas that you are able to offer. Thanks a lot!

  13. Anna says:

    Hi hi, I’m going to get marry next year and is looking at an outdoor wedding. I’m interested in the services that you provide. Could you let me know what are the pricing like? Thank you!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Hi. Thanks for your inspirational posts. I enjoyed it tremendously. I am keen on Chapter 1 and 5. Could you please email me your pricing and the details? Thanks

  15. P.Loh says:

    Hi, like many btb, I will like to have my dream wedding too… But its always the budget constraint issue! I’m interested in chapter 1 & 3. Could you send me your quote? By the way, let’s say there are certain services which i do not need in Chapter 3, would u revise your price accordingly?

  16. Ferlyn says:

    Hi I’m a May 2011 BTB. Can you provide me with your pricing for all your services? I have not decided which service to take up. Would like to find out more about your pricing and see if I can fit into my budget before I decide which service.

  17. Leon says:

    Hi, i’m interested to find out more about the services you provide for my ROM, but I have not decide whether it will be outdoor or indoor.

    It will roughly be for 100-150 pax. Can you please email me the price list for all the services? thanks.

  18. veron says:

    Hi, I think the design of your blog captivates me. I am a BTB in July 2011.

    Can I know what will be the pricing like for chapter 1 and 5?



  19. Mel says:

    Hi.. i came across your website and is captivated by the designs you have for the weddings. I will be planning my big Day begining next year. I’m interested CHapter 1, 3 and 5. Can i have more details on the pricing??

    Thank you!!!


  20. Jasmin says:

    Hi, I’m going to get marry next year and i’m looking at an outdoor wedding. Can i have the details of your pricing for Chapter 5? Thanks!!

  21. Sarah says:

    Hi, could I please have the pricing for all your services? I’ve booked my venue in a hotel so which Chapter would be most appropriate? Thanks!

  22. kuki says:

    Hi, may I please have the pricing for all your services? Planning to have my wedding nxt yr Feb. Thinking of get help to conceptualize our wedding. 🙂

  23. Cecelia Tan says:

    Hi there

    My fiance and I are tying the knot at Sentosa on 2nd July 2011. Sentosa is unable to realise our vision for the wedding venue design given their limited existing furniture and table setting items. Can you please contact either my fiance (kester – 9178 4199, kester_tan@yahoo.com) or myself (9233 6189) as we will like to get a quotation from you?

    Fyi. I am traveling from Friday to next Monday.


  24. Liese says:

    Hi, I saw your website and quite like the stuff that you do but I abit apprehensive cos friend of myfriend told me before that you left her stranded halfway through her wedding preparation because you are too busy and you are also hard to reach after signing the package. I am interested in chapter 3 but abit sceptical whether you can deliever your promise.

  25. seri says:

    Hi could i have the price for all packages? what i am looking for actually is someone who can source catering, tentage and decor for me… invites and theme i have come up with…

  26. Iris Wang says:

    Hi, I like the wedding decoration and could like to check the pricing for your packages? thanks 🙂

  27. Selina says:

    Hi, Can you pls send me your pricelist for yr chapters?
    my wedding’s late 2012. thanks!

  28. YokoBell says:

    Hi, Can I have the pricelist for your chapter services. Thanks.

  29. HC says:

    Hi both,
    I’m interested in pricing for the wedding services for late 2012, appreciate if you can respond. Many thanks!

  30. Mira says:

    Hello! Can you send me your price list, please? Thank you!

  31. vanessa says:

    Hi, can you send me pricelists for all your chapters package?
    Thank you

  32. Canny says:

    Nice website, very informative! I am interested in the packages, possible to send me the price list? thanks!

  33. risa says:

    Hi~ Could you email the pricelist for chapter 1- 3 services in the mid 2012. I’m planning Burkhill hall as the location and am looking more for the decos and set ups.

    Thank you

  34. risa says:

    Hi, Could you please send me a price list for chapter 1-3 services. Thank you~

  35. j low says:

    Lovely, will apreciate if you could send me a price list for chapter 1- 5.

    Thanks babe.

  36. Hi lovely brides!

    We have tried to reply to the inquiries as much as we can, but if you haven’t heard from us yet, truly sorry, our hands are very full for events in Dec.

    Will catch up with the inquiry as soon as we can!

    Thank you for your support!



  37. Nel Abringe says:

    Hi! Hope you guys are not busy now, can you send me your price list.
    I’m in a yacht charter business and looking for wedding organizers.

    Hope to hear from you!



  38. Kerlyn says:

    Hi, I am interested in your wedding service. Could you send me the price list?


  39. Hi! Can you send me your price list, please?

  40. Angeline says:

    Hi! Can you please send me your price list? Thank you!

  41. Shara says:

    HI!I am interested in your Chapter 1 service. May I know how your pricing on this? Thank you

  42. HuiHui says:

    Hi, I am interested in your wedding service. Could you send me the price list too.


  43. Haze says:


    I love the wedding deco and concept that diarydesignwedding has done so far! Can you send me pricelist for the different services you provide?

  44. Shara says:


    I’m a BTB, and i am interested with the package wedding design and coordination. can you send me a quotation on this? My Wedding is on August 2012.

    Thanks so much. will wait for your reply

  45. Dear BTB & HTB,

    Apologized for our delay in response as we are having back-to-back events and overwhelming enquiries.
    Currently we have closed our booking for Feb-March.

    Your enquiries are such a delight, please allow us to reply you in few days!


    Hellen & Lily

  46. V says:

    I am interested in your wedding design and decoration service. Can you send me a price list? Thanks!

  47. Lynn says:

    Hi I’m a btb 2012 n totally clueless abt how I can have a wedding with a tight budget. Sounds ironic when I have a tight budget but yet come to u. But I firmly believe that you can help me. I look at ur blog n can sense that personal touch n fulfillment in every wedding you played a role putting it together.

  48. Felicia says:


    I love your work! Totally amazing 🙂
    Could you provide me with a pricelist of all the services you have?

  49. Sofie says:


    I am interested in your wedding services! May I have the price list for all the services?


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