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We love to hear about how people fall in love. We love to be inspired by their love stories and then turn it into beautiful masterpieces. Wedding Diary provides custom, full service proposals for the couples or call us to discuss your needs and hear what they can do for you and your event. 

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Wedding Diary

112 Comments Add yours

  1. Cyndi says:

    Could you send me the quotation for wedding design and coordination?

  2. grace says:

    hi! been reading ur wedding blog.. good to know u have started this mini business. how much are ur rates? tks

    1. Hi Grace, thank you! We are having promo launch so our rates are very competitive!
      I will email you the details!

  3. Ginnise says:


    i m interested to know the cost of the photobooth set- up?

    1. Hi

      Thanks for your enquiry and interest, We’ll be in touch with you shortly. Please check your email for details.


  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi there,

    got here from your blog = )

    Can you kindly email me your rates?


  5. sandy says:

    Hi hi ,
    could u send me the quotation on wedding coordination too?

    1. Hello~
      Thanks for your enquiry & interest, we have sent the details to your email please check.

      Diary & Design

  6. stephanie says:

    Hi Helen, saw ur blog. wow really nice.. can u send me a quotation on the same wedding theme? or where to get Tiffany blue wedding sash for chair and Tiffany Satin sash for Bridesmaid dress and even the TIffany tie for brothers..

    thank you

  7. Irene says:

    Hi, please provide your quote for Wedding Design & Decor. Thank you

  8. lynn says:


    Do you plan for wedding anniversary? Pls email me…

  9. Ling says:

    Hi! Could you provide a quotation for the planning of the ROM theme (design and decor)?


  10. shermie says:

    Hello! i like to do a outdoor theme ROM like the one is ur site. appreciate if u could quote us thanks!

  11. Joanne says:

    Hi! Could you provide a quotation for the wedding design and decoration for a pink and white theme?

  12. min says:

    Can you pls send me the quotation for ballroom design, photobooth set up and coordination?

  13. trinitydestinyeternity says:

    Hi~ I am very interested in your services and would like to find out more about your rates. My wedding is still a while off (Dec 2011) but am looking into the planning process early. The advice you give on your blog is really helpful and I really appreciate it!
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

  14. lla says:

    hi, pls kindly get back to me via email on the quotes for design and coordination of wedding. wedding date confirmed.

    1. Dear BTB,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Please check your email for details (:

      Diary & Design : A Wedding Story

  15. kris says:

    Hi, I saw some of your works and I think I like what I see. Can you tell me more about your rates and availability? We’re looking at having our wedding some time in September 2011. Would be great to hear from you!

  16. Grace says:

    Hi, Stumbled on your work the other day and would really like to receive more information and rates. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    PS: Drop you an email directly the other day, but have yet to hear from you yet. Appreciate your replies 🙂

  17. Celia Chee says:

    Hi Hi,

    I’m interested in creating and singing a wedding song. Please kindly advice on the pricing and packages available. Kindly email at or


  18. san says:

    Hi could you send me the price for chapter 5? Thanks.

  19. Jingying says:

    Hi, may I enquire the price for Wedding Coordination? Thanks!

  20. Ginny Poa says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire about the price for chap 1 and 5. Love to hear from you soon. thanks.

  21. Julie says:


    I would like to enquire on the prices of package 1 and 5. Thanks and hear from you soon!

  22. Jeannie Neo says:

    Hi Hellen,

    Jeannie here (ex-MTV)… getting married in Apr and wanna know the price range for your wedding decor package? My theme is a mix of HongKong (movie) style and using photos as part of decor.. with purple and blue flowers to enhance to overall hilltop wedding. Also can you email me the contact for your makeup artist Baby? Thanks!

  23. Yvonne says:

    I’ll just like to have an idea how much your services cost. My wedding is on 1 Oct. So far I have chosen invites and got my dress. I have an idea on theme and colours but cannot find a venue!!! My wedding is small, only 70 – 90 people, I ddn’t think I need a planner but it will be nice to have someone help with the planning, design and actual coordination on the actual day.

    1. Dear BTB,

      Thanks for your interest with Diary & Design Wedding.
      We have sent you an email for the details. Do let us know if you have any queries!

      P.S. Thank you for giving us the honor & privilege to be part of your memorable day! (:

      Diary & Design: A Wedding Story

  24. ash says:

    hi,im keen to find out more about ur rates for different packages for my AD. i most likely to have my solemnisation before the AD dinner banquet & i would love it to be something like what hellen & winston had. will there be any extra charges?

    im looking more at decor & design ideas so i wont need any main coordinating to be done on the day.

  25. Grinolly says:

    Hi, could you send me your rates for your services? Thanks!

  26. Erny says:

    Hi there, I’m so glad I found your blog!

    I’m planning to have my wedding at Hortpark MPH and wish to have a ‘light, breezy, garden-y’ theme.

    Can you forward me your quotes for each package? Thanks!

  27. stella says:

    Hi there,

    Would you be able to give us the prices of your packages?

    We need help in coming up with a theme, designing the decor and the decorations themselves as well.


  28. Michelle says:


    I would like to know the quotation for Chapter 5, 3 and 1.
    Thanks! =)

  29. mary says:


    i’m thinking of a garden wedding for 150-200 ppl
    could you send me the rates for your services?

  30. SABRINA says:


    I’m a 2012 BTB.
    Glad that i chanced upon your site.
    Can you send me a quotations of the services for Chapter 1, 3 and 5?
    Very interested!


  31. Ying says:

    Hi there, I wish to have a dessert bar for my wedding in 2012. Can you send me a quotation for Chapter 4? Thanks!

  32. Cherlyne says:

    Im a Jan 2012 BTB. Can I get a quotation for your services for Chapter 5? I’m also looking more at decor & design ideas. I will be having my solemnisation before the AD dinner banquet at the same hotel.
    Thanks! =)

  33. Kathleen Tan says:


    I would like to check out the rates for beach decorations in march 2012.


  34. Iris says:

    I’m a Oct 2011 BTB. my theme is Green wedding, prefer to have it at park.
    Can I get a quotation for your services? thank you!

  35. Sherlyn says:

    Hi, am having a ROM at garden based venue.. Date is 02 July afternoon.
    Am confirming between one twenty-six and gardenasia.. We hope to engage your service in decoration.. Please contact me at 96908558 for discussion… what would be the rate be like?

  36. Nick says:

    Hi, would you email me your packages and prices?

    Thank you!

  37. Elis says:


    Would like to check out the package for my ROM on 23rd July 2011 @ SAFYC Changi.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  38. wen shan says:

    HI, i would like to enquire about the wedding package available, possible to revert with quotation by email?

  39. Li Xin says:

    Hi there! I would like to find out what are your rates for the different packages you offer (= Please email me, thanks!

  40. Ivy Sangeetha says:

    Hi, I would just wanna enquire if we can do a wedding at Changi chalets

  41. Melissa says:


    Could you send me a quote and if you are able to help design some stuff for my wedding? I was recommended by Irene from Ian Photography.

    Below are some stuff I’ll like to have design:

    1) Wedding Program Fans (Ice cream stick kind)
    2) Ang Bao Box/Birdcage/Mailbox as an angbow box
    3) Help with colour theme and any other ideas =)

    Feel free to give me a call at: +65 93898295.


  42. rena says:


    prettystuff u haf there!

    can i have a quotation for a small themed solemnisation ceremony catering to abt 20 to 30 pax? eg. deco/ furnishing~ love the tiffany chairs~ or do u provide rentals for juz the chairs?

  43. Hi Bride-to-be, thank you for the inquiry! We have replied to most of you, apologized if we have missed anyone! We will definitely come back to you! Have a good day

  44. Debra says:


    We will be having our ROM ceremony at Home, do you do home decor?can email me the quotation at or call me at 97452408.


  45. hi dear, am always inspired to have outdoor weddings especially small scale garden weddings, bt hestitating as lots of reviews about wheather changes. But iam pretty impressed by ur and .

    How much would the charges be for outdoor weddings? And would the venue be sourced by you? Many thanks.

    my email:

  46. Fion says:


    Am interested to know the quotations for your various services. Thanks!

  47. sandy says:

    Im a June 2012 BTB. Can I get a quotation for your services for Chapter 5? I’m also looking more at decor & design ideas. I will be having my solemnisation before the AD dinner banquet at a golf course

  48. Yvonne says:

    hi, i am keen to find out more about your charges for chapter 5 🙂 hope to hear from u soon

  49. Ash says:

    Hi Hellen and Lily,

    Chanced upon this blog when browsing around for wedding ideas and I must say this does look pretty good – can you kindly email me the rates, particularly Chapter 1? Thanks!

  50. dzaf says:


    I saw that you did a wedding at Burkill Hall. Would like to know how long did it take for you to prepare the decorations? Also, what is your quotation for decor if I were to have my wedding at Burkill Hall in December 2012. Thanks!

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