About Us

We are an event company that focuses on customised decor, styling and planning management founded by Lily Lu since 2009. With a bunch of fun, creative and enthusiastic team who are detailed and love pretty things!

Each wedding that we planned is much more than just a wedding. It’s a wonderful story to be remembered and shared: a personal fairytale, experience of a lifetime, dream fulfilled, and best time with family and friends.

Lily Lu Founder of Wedding Diary is a vintage lover and truly madly deeply in love with love ! She knows nothing more personal than a love story and she loves to hear about how you met and how you fell in love!

She embraced her Wedding Planner journey because of her love & passion for beautiful things and all things that glitter!

Born with an artistic flair and with experiences in the Financial industry, developed her eye for details and ability to create your impressions into actuality. She believes every wedding is as unique as a thumbprint with its own character and charms.

 Always striving to create your beautiful wedding moment into a creative, personalized art and ambiance that truly reflects your personality and the love you shared with each other.

 She covers all the aspects of a wedding right from the preparation to running of the actual wedding day. Giving you a pleasant and memorable experience. Where you can really concentrate on getting married!

 Lily hopes that Wedding Diary inspires you in the most memorable way, whether you’re getting married or just love weddings.



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  1. Amelia says:

    Hi. We are getting married in 2018 at Ritz Carlton Hotel. We would like you to decorate the stage and the reception area. We like something classy and elegant. Our wedding flowers will be blue pink and purle hygrangeas. May i get some pics and your service packeges to my email please. Thanks

    1. Dear Amelia,
      Thank you for visiting our blog! We apologies for the delayed in response, was away for a destination wedding and just returned.
      We have emailed you the details, please check it out when you available.
      Feel free to contact us should you need further details. Look forward to hearing more from you!
      Thank you and have a great evening! (:

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