Leon + Shanqi Tied the Knot

Happiest September everyone! We are finally in the season of moon cakes, lanterns, sparkles & joyous family time. And another good news as well… We are back again with an update on a recent wedding theme we did! So read on, to find out more!


Perfectly displaying the purpose of connecting our community to nature, Open Farm Community, Singapore

is located at Minden Road. A venue that gives off a rustic feel of an botanical farm. Indeed a unique wedding venue, enchanted with the element of serenity and the impressive beauty of Mother Nature.


With the thoughts of having organic minimalist on board for the theme, we were inspired with an Organic Backyard theme for Leon & Shanqi. Dusty Blue and Off-white were the main colors of the wedding décor, also adding forest green to tie in with the theme: organic and botanical. And most definitely, a pop of red to spice things up. The colors brought forth the beauty of the outskirts.


The directional rustic signage, was placed at the entrance to greet the guest. We paired it with a vintage bike filled with an array of natural leaf garlands, succulents and wooden elements. The chiffon dusty blue table runners clothed the dining tables, complimented with the off-white wildflowers as the table’s centerpieces and sets of candles. Warm string lights draped the whole dining area, to liven up the whole backyard. It was amazing working together with Leon & Shanqi to create the dream-like wedding that they always wanted, perfectly describing them – genuine, loved & warm.

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  1. I love the colorful gallery. It is one of my favorite to have a gallery.

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