Dennis + Hilary Tied the Knot


And, we are back! It’s been a while since we’ve been posting but we assure you we have always been around, aiding in the many love stories. Truly time flies and we are already coming to the month of September of 2018. We hope that the year has been splendid for you so far and we believe the rest of the year will be amazing for you as well.

Today, once again, we will be penning down another couple’s story – Dennis+Hilary and the Midas’ touch to their wedding. They started off as colleagues, had clique quite well and from there on, a relationship started to bloom between them. They call one another best friends and constantly ensure the best for one another, even taking care of the littlest things in each other’s life. The love that they harbored for one another, simply allowed everything to fall in place. On the day of the wedding, many joyful tears were shed, many hearts were touched. It was indeed a heartwarming and memorable wedding. Congratulations to Dennis+Hilary once again!

After 4 years, Dennis+Hilary tied the knot this year and had their wedding ceremony at Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church, followed by wedding dinner celebration at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore.

We adorned the wedding with white and dusty blue with touches of green and brown elements, to achieve its natural rustic look. As seen, we went for the organic, minimalist, best representing their chic personality. Without any further ado, here are the photos!


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