Hello All!!

How have you been doing? Can’t believe that we are about to end the year in a few weeks’ time. Hope you have been well and gearing your spirits up for the upcoming joyous season; Christmas! And it’s just 2 Sundays away! Be exhilarated for the most wonderful time of the year! (:

As exciting as it sounds, we have launched the revamped, a whole new look on our website!!! Not just a new looks but also a new branding logo. This December brings out the new beginning and a season of love. We hope you love the website as much as we adored doing it!

The webpage look is inspired by our couples’ love stories, the sparks that we see in their eyes, the warmth smiles in their heart and the joy in their steps. And just like what we have been surrounded by daily we decided to share these experiences with you all.

Using a beautiful shade of blush, white, gold and tinge of rose gold as the main colors, we created a dainty elegant look with English romantic touches for our brand story.

So now, we’re absolutely thrilled to share “Wedding Diary Webpage New Look” with all of you! Thank you for your continual support, for us to come so far, it is all because of YOU.  As the year comes to a close, we are ready to welcome a new year and a new beginning! Have a great tour around our website, hope you can enjoy a little bit of what we love.
Remember to follow us on our Facebook or Instagram for the most recent updates and behind the scenes! (:

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