WD_RP_Pavilion Shang00
Hello all!! Hope you have had a great time reading the previous post on Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan’s wedding… Did tears came welling up in your eyes just like how it happened the same for me? :’)

In this post we’d like to bring you a magical wedding of Richard and Puvana that took place at (Dutch) Pavilion, Shangri-La Singapore. This heritage building is one of the unique wedding venues for a small intimate celebration, nestled amidst tropical gardens within Shangri-La Hotel. With its old Dutch school charm and beautiful gable roofs, it made a distinctive setting for their nuptials.

The decoration was inspired by the galaxy themed and bride’s favorite colors of deep blue and purple. We worked our way towards creating a glam starry night sky for them, surrounded by dozens of shining stars and beautiful lights. Using sophisticated palette of Blues, Purple, Sparkling Gold & White which indeed the perfect choices to compliment this amazing heritage site.

Without further ado, please enjoy these magical reception details photos!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang01
Overlay the registration tables with rich blue sequin linen, draping gold gilt garland and flowers.
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang02
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang03
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang04
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang05
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang06
We customized the dessert items to theme as well such as Galaxy cakepops, ‘Moon-berries’ tarts, ‘Mars-mallow’, Macarons and not to forget the galaxy milky-way table overlay accompanied with warm fairy lights backdrop and glittering stars to complete the setup!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang07
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang09
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang08
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang13
THE WALKWAY | was adorned with star-shaped marquee lights at the entrance to greet the guests, fairy lights draping along the walkway, glittering shiny stars from the roofs. Under the night sky, it was totally romantic and heart warming!!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang11a
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang12
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang10a
We managed to take a few snapshots before we take it all down! ><

“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.” It is so true indeed. This wedding is one of a kind, and definitely a beautiful and heartening one. We are blessed to be able to witness it! Congratulations once again, Richard and Puvana, stay in love! (:

Have an enjoyable time reading our posts! Stay tuned for more, and meanwhile visit us on Instagram !

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