NYXX_wedding at RWS11
In a blinking of an eye, we are approaching the end of February. Nevertheless, since this is the first post of 2016 to all of you, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! On a side note, hope you enjoyed the abundance of bak-kwa and pineapple tarts for the past two weeks? :p

It has been some time since we last blogged, and here in this post today, we can’t wait to share with you one of the loveliest weddings that took place at the start of 2016, in the month of January.

This lovely couple, Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan first knew each other when they were classmates in Secondary Two. As Nan Yang was the top student in class, Xiao Xuan would never reject his ‘invitation’ to study together in the library. And of course, they fell deeply in love with one another soon after.

“True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.” I believed this was the case for Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan. Soon after a few years of courtship, both Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan went to the US to further their studies, and to work overseas for a period of time, however both situated in different parts of US. It definitely wasn’t the easiest four years to get through, yet the significant part was that throughout their 4 years of long-distance relationship, they made time to talk and share their lives with each other every single day. Their love for one another did not change, but only grew stronger and tougher through those hard and difficult times.

On a happy note, Nan Yang was a responsible and confident man, he is always serious about his family, his work, and everything that he does in life. And most of all, he is a very humorous guy, always bringing joy and laughter to the people around him, and of course, to the love of his life. On the other hand, Xiao Xuan is someone very passionate about her everyday life. She lives life and loves life to the fullest. She is the woman behind her successful man; To Nan Yang, Xiao Xuan has always been his best support in his life. After 8 years of courtship, Nan Yang eventually proposed on a private hot air balloon ride, with one knee on the ground and a ring in his hands.

NYXX_wedding at RWS12
NYXX_wedding at RWS15
I guess it is so true when someone says, “Distance means so little, when someone means so much.”

Having enough of their love story, let’s move on to the highlights of their wedding! This romantic garden inspired wedding was held at The Equarius Lawn, RWSentosa! Using vintage rustic props, together with subtle blush colored flowers such as cream, peach and powder pink, it brings a tinge of countryside, yet romantic and elegant mood into the atmosphere.

Here are some pictures from the wedding ceremony and dinner reception!
NYXX_wedding at RWS00a
NYXX_wedding at RWS01a
*the first two beautiful images are from The Galeria by Brian Ho
NYXX_wedding at RWS00
NYXX_wedding at RWS02
NYXX_wedding at RWS02a
NYXX_wedding at RWS01
Bundles of flowers tied to the chairs by the aisle; Together with the aisle walkway sprinkled with flower petals… Every detail had been looked into, because it represented our love and blessings to the couple as they walked down the aisle to perform their vows
NYXX_wedding at RWS02c
NYXX_wedding at RWS02a
NYXX_wedding at RWS02b
NYXX_wedding at RWS03
NYXX_wedding at RWS04
NYXX_wedding at RWS05
NYXX_wedding at RWS03a
NYXX_wedding at RWS06
NYXX_wedding at RWS04a
You can watch their wedding highlight here!

The wedding dinner was at S.E.A Aquarium, RWSentosa. We adorned the walkway and Ocean Gallery with warm fairy lights and hundreds of tealight candles along the tunnel. Guests enjoyed and had a lots of fun, they immersed in an endless blue sea and mesmerised by thousands of fishes swimming by. It totally pulled off a romantic, heart-warming mood of love to celebrate the newly-wed.
NYXX_wedding at RWS07a
NYXX_wedding at RWS07
NYXX_wedding at RWS08
NYXX_wedding at RWS10
NYXX_wedding at RWS09
NYXX_wedding at RWS11
NYXX_wedding at RWS06a
“When two people really care about each other, they always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is.”

We hope you enjoyed every bit of this post because we had so much fun sharing with you guys! Stay tuned for more posts coming up, but meanwhile, feel free to visit our (!

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