Sprinkled With Love!!

Our Sunshine Littleman Turns One!!

It’s such an amazing feeling when your child turns one (: a mixed feeling of joy and pride and achievement!

When we (my husband and I) started planning the party, we decided to keep things simple. So we did a small party at our home (technically lift lobby area) as that is the space that can accommodate the number of guests that we had. At the same time, we wanted to make as many fun memories at this house before we think about possibly relocating in the future. Plus, it was a great way to do some major house cleaning! I’ve in mind the venue way before he was born! Haaa! XD Eventually we decided his comfort is the priority, so that everyone can enjoy and have fun.

The concept for the party was to create a fun-filled and casual atmosphere. Thus, we revolve around the Sprinkles and Confetti Theme. We adorned the area with powder blue backdrop, colorful birthday signage, rainbow garland and adorable dessert table which was a hit for both young and old. We did an ice cream cone sculpted cake in double chocolate ganache flavor for his birthday cake. We planned all these in 2 weeks time!
Here comes the birthday boy! Pretty much can’t handle this cuteness. He is such a joy and blessing for us. Mama & Papa pray that Joe will grow to be a wonderful man of God filled with faith, hope, courage, wisdom and patience. We speak health & success into your life. With God’s protection over you all your life. And most of all, true LOVE to complete your life. (:
Here’s a before and after picture of the lift lobby:
WeddingDiary_desserttable_Joe05 (before 1)
Including a backdrop definitely pulls the look all together and transform the place!!

Now into the details:
WeddingDiary_desserttable_Joe08 copy
Left: custom made ‘Up’ house at the voting corner with a giant ice cream made from balloons topped with colorful sprinkles
Right: Joe’s one year old milestone
Raffle Time!! We had some fun in between the party. We asked the guests to vote, what do you think Joe would aspire to be in the future! And guess what Joe chose for his future? Be a Millionaire!!! Haaa! XD
sprinkled with love party favor jars
with Wedding Diary Team

Hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did! We’ll be back with more real weddings and events but in the meantime, please visit our Instagram for latest updates!

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