Wedding at Vineyard?

Hello readers! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and wonderful Mother’s Day celebration! (:
On this post we are excited to share with you guys, a beautiful venue we recently spotted and sparked on! Working in wedding industry, time management is absolutely crucial. As we are often running from place to place, meeting timeline to timeline, and we might just lose sight of the surroundings we passed by. I have been to Hort Park for a number of times for site visits with vendors & couples, wedding styling & décor and organizing wedding. But it took me one fine day to notice this beautiful restaurant nestled in the midst of this stunning park named Vineyard. Which the name itself already sounds posh and winery!
Vineyard - Exterior Patio
Vineyard spanned across Patio (outdoor), Indoor and Verandah that can accommodate 150 to 180 pax. This is a perfect setting for those who love to have an outdoor wedding but yet concern with the Singapore unpredictable weather. Vineyard unique tranquil and cosy intimate setting makes a stunning wedding venue. Not to forgot the astounding food! We tried their 5-course sit down French cuisine with Intermezzo in between.

Appetizer: Duo of Pickled Vegetable and Zucchini Flower Bloom on Yuzu Jelly
It is a dish that combines Zucchini and Cream Cheese wrapped within nice crispy dough skin presented in the shape of a flower, delicately hand-rolled by the chef. A mouthful of crispy dough skin and soft tender paste is almost a guaranteed delight to all folks! Prickled Vegetable of salt-ish and blend taste were served to add layer of stimulation to our taste buds. The Yuzu Jelly tastes somewhere in between the Duo Prickled Vegetable. Its as if there’re blend, salty & saltier side dishes. Certainly a great appetizer paving the way for the dishes behind!
Duo of Pickled Vegetable and Zucchini Flower Bloom on Yuzu Jelly
* Side note: Zucchini is a cucumber-like vegetable that can also be considered as a fruit. It was named Britain 10th favorite culinary vegetable in 2005.

Soup: Seafood Bouillabaisse
A stew soup made from shells of Lobster & Clay fish. Coupled with generous servings of big-sized scallop, juicy prawn, fresh fish-fillet together with squid and nicely diced potatoes all pan-fried individually before putting together. That basically says it all! I believe all you readers can actually smell the aroma just by looking at the ingredients! (It might be a little heavy-meal for the ladies, but certainly a must-have for the guys~)
Seafood Bouillabaisse
Entree: Proscintto Fennel Risotto
One of my favorite dishes! It’s a rice dish cooked in a broth added with Proscintto (Ham) and Fennel (Aromatic herb.) It’s a plate of pearl-like rice dish in creamy form. The presentation & color of a dish can affect the diner’s mood and but Risotto has always traditionally looked a little more on the blend side. However, once we start tucking away, it is amazingly appetizing!
Prosciutto Fennel Risotto in Light Seafood Bisque
*Done some research and realized that Fennel has lots of health benefits include relief from anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, and eye care. Yeahh!

Intermezzo: Yuzu Sobet
A palate cleanser before we move on to our main course and the taste is superb! We love this!!!
Yuzu sorbe

Main Course: Herb-Crusted Veal Loin
Needless to say, it’s the highlight of the day. Veal Loin is one of the best steaks around. The meat is extremely tender covered in herbs. The overall experience was well balanced with the Ratte Potatoes & Sauteed Vegetables. The chef definitely knows how to cook a good steaks! For even a not-so-meat-lover like me can finish it! Yes! I finished it! I’m surprised! Haa!

Herb-crusted Veal Loin served with ratte potatoes and sauteed summer vegetables

Dessert: Baileys Souffle with Coffee Ice Cream
This is a dessert that totally win me over! The Souffle is so delicate that it basically started melting like 1 min after it was served! It’s extremely soft and flavored at just the right balance. The strawberries lessen my guilt of eating too sugary. As a coffee lover, having it with a coffee ice cream, it brought a beautiful closing to the Tasting Menu. Almost! For we have room for more~!


Bonus: Warm Lemon Lava Cake with Chantilly Cream & Sesame Tuile
We had an extra dessert out of the Tasting Menu. Vineyard’s signature dessert, Lemon Lava Cake. The taste is awesome!! The appearance is pretty much the same as a chocolate lava cake, but when we pierce through the cake yellow lemon lava melts and we can smell the lemon sweet sour taste. It is a very innovative!
Lemon Lava Cake with Crème Chantilly

With this, it certainly brought a good finale to a fabulously sumptuous meal for us.

Having been to countless food tasting that are cooked in mass portions, I almost forget how it’s like to be pampered with delicate food served on a personal level. Truly a great satisfying meal~!

Until then, back to work!

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  1. Wahh, the foods look really good. Yes the location is amazing.

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