Andy + Kas Tie the Knot!!

Andy and Kas is a fun-loving and sporty couple that share many things in common – their characters, their hobbies and also their major love for… soccer and Manchester United!! Both of their lives crossed paths when their mutual friend decided to play Cupid. Perhaps due to their common interest in sports or perhaps due to Kas’ outgoing personality, they hit it off well and had endless things to talk about. Kas left a good impression in Andy’s mind. Ironically, on the other hand, the same could not be said of Andy. Kas did not have an exceptionally good impression of Andy – although they hit it off well, she remembered feeling eager to go home and especially after Andy gave her a lift home in his modified Mitsubishi, her impression of him crashed due to the ‘beng’ vibes that he carried (oops!). Nevertheless, Andy still managed to get Kas’ number. The two of them became friends and love started blossoming… well, the rest is history. (:

What is really sweet about the two of them is how they see each other in their eyes. To Andy, Kas possesses many attributes that he has always wished his other half would have – intelligence, a caring heart, a willingness to share life together and being able to watch soccer together. To Kas, she loves the fact that Andy is fun, understands her jokes and puns well and pampers her like a little princess.

Their stunning wedding takes place at Amara Sanctuary, Sentosa – Glass Pavilion for Wedding Ceremony and The Grand Ballroom for Wedding Reception.

To complete the outdoor setting, we decorated the glass pavilion with fairy-tale garden mood using shades of purple, blush and white color palette. And a classy romantic theme with touch of cream, blush, gold and black for the Wedding Reception. Which can be seen from the foyer area, was adorned with candle lights in hi/low vases, white petals’ carpet at the aisle, fairy lights draping at the stage and twigs arch sets with fairy lights for their grand entrance.

Without further ado here are some of the wedding photos, hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Photos credit: Kelvin from LightedPixels Photography & Wedding Diary
Photo display corner with cream, gold and black draping ribbons, candle lights and display props to bring out a classy romantic feel
wedding at amara sanctuary 00
doesn’t our bride look like Steffanie Sun in this photo??!? XD

Congratulations on your marriage, Andy & Kas as you are embarking a new chapter in your love journey! Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!

Wedding Diary

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