Zhong Zheng + Pei Qiong Tie The Knot!!

WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 00
Zhong Zheng is an outspoken and driven individual who is also sporty and meticulous. He enjoys sports and also finds entertainment in listening to pop music. Pei Qiong on the other hand is a patient and forgiving lady who is gentle on the outside but tough on the inside. She is fun-loving and delights in traveling, eating, baking, shopping, and jogging. They share a beautiful love story that unfolded over the course of a few years! They met in 2005 at a company’s training, and subsequently became colleagues in 2007. Although they did not leave any lasting impressions in each other’s minds through this period, a work trip to the USA in 2009 completely turned the tables completely. The three months work trip gave them plenty of opportunities to know each other better and ignited wonderful love sparks that ultimately led to the decision to spend the rest of their lives together!

They are such a fun couple, and indeed their love story is filled with plenty of fun-loving, epic and interesting moments – from Zhong Zheng pouring popcorn all over Pei Qiong on their first date due to his nervousness, to the romantic proposal that took place in USA! Apart from these epic stories, it is also heart-warming to hear about their devotion and commitment to each other – to stick by no matter the circumstances. (:

We are so happy for them and can’t wait to share more about their wedding day with you! The wedding has a purple spring theme as the couple wanted the wedding to be spring fantasy inspired and as Pei Qiong has a heart for all things purple! Held at Burkill Hall, Botanic Gardens, the wedding consists of an outdoor solemnization and an indoor lunch reception.
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 01
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 02
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 03
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 04
customized ang bao box according to the couple’s interests (Zhong Zheng’s love for sports and the couple’s love for desserts)
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 05
the balcony was decorated with hanging leaves & flowers to compliment the lawn and garden setting.

WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 06
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 07
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 08custom made fab 4-tier choc ganache wedding cake with handmade cascading sugar flowers. It was a hit at the party!!
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 09
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 12pretty pastel lilac cakepop with pearls

WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 09
WD_ZZPQ burkill hall 11

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