Jude’s 1st Birthday Bash!!

WD_jude birthday cake 00
We are so privilege to celebrate another important life moment for this lovely couple (Joseph & Jocelyn). In 2012, we planned their wedding day and it feels like their wedding was just yesterday. And now, we are planning the first birthday of their darling boy, Jude!

The theme was inspired by Jude’s love for apples and everything red and round. Thus, we created Apple Farm theme for his 1st birthday bash. Something new and interesting for us because it’s unlike other birthday party will choose superhero, Disney character or their favorite animal as a theme.

The birthday boy is totally in love with his birthday cake, especially with the cute little looking chicken sitting on the rooftop of the cake. Throughout the whole series of picture taking session, he was constantly trying to grab hold of it! Haaa.

Grateful to have awesome couple who trust us and leave it to us to plan this celebration from the start. They absolutely loved how it turned out, hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Happiest Birthday Jude! You are indeed the apple of God’s eye.  We are so happy for this wonderful family!

 WD_jude birthday bash 01
WD_jude birthday bash 02
sliced apple cookies and apple cake pops
WD_jude birthday bash 04
WD_jude birthday bash 05
Cute little piggy playing on mud
WD_jude birthday bash 06
aawww….. cuteness overloadss!!!
WD_jude birthday bash 07
WD_jude birthday bash 08
WD_jude birthday bash 10 copy
Wedding Diary team photo with the birthday boy!! (:

Love notes from Joseph & Jocelyn:
We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for making Jude’s 1 Year Old Birthday Party such a joyous and memorable occasion! Thank you Lily for the awesome set up with such elaborated details and pretty and delicious desserts! All of the guests love the sweets!

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