Ken + Lily Wedding Highlights!

WD_wedding at chijmes 0000
Hi all, I know this waaaaaaay overdue. But as requested by Wedding Diary brides-to-be and readers who have dropped me emails for my wedding entries. So here goes, a super photo-heavy post with few wedding tips. It’s simply sweeet to recall the memories of my own wedding (: I wanna thank all of you for being so patient with me.
WD_wedding at chijmes 002

WD_wedding at chijmes 001
WD_wedding at chijmes 003
WD_wedding at chijmes 000a
WD_wedding at chijmes 05
WD_wedding at chijmes 04

WD_wedding at chijmes 000
How did we choose our wedding venue?
Choose venue that close to your hearts would be a really nice touch! As for us, it was ‘love at the first sight!’
When I (Lily) was very young (compared to now! Haa! ) remember walking pass the Chijmes Hall when a wedding was being held there. Even from far away it captured my imagination I couldn’t help being drawn closer to have a proper look. I remember it was early evening then, and quite simply the most beautiful venue imaginable, with the warm lights reflecting off the stained glass and the tall white walls with chandelier both awe-inspiring and strangely intimate! Since then I know that one day I will walk down the aisle in this place. Furthermore, we’d like to have not so typical wedding venues with nice ambience. And yeah.. Our heart goes to Chijmes!

WD_wedding at chijmes 06

WD_wedding at chijmes 07
WD_wedding at chijmes 08
WD_wedding at chijmes 09

WD_wedding at chijmes 10

Wedding Setting
– Rectangular table setup for 8 pax and tons of Baby’s Breath ^^ We choose white, green with flashes of silver and blush as our color theme. As we wanted the hall look elegant, cozy, yet romantic with vintage garden vibe to compliment Chijmes Hall.
For the food we had 5-Course Modern European Sit Down Dinner By Chef D’Table (Chef Jason). The guests were extremely surprise and satisfied with the food (taste and presentation). One of items is the winning dish at California Raisin World Culinary Challenge – Represented Singapore in Las Vegas. Yummm!

What inspired us when we were planning our wedding?
It was important to both of us to have a small and intimate wedding. We wanted the day to be a true celebration of the start of our marriage and to be about us as a couple. We decided to focus on family, close friends, delicious food and nice ambience. For us, the day was not a blur. Instead, we have so many wonderful memories shared with those closest to us.

WD_wedding at chijmes 12
WD_wedding at chijmes 13
WD_wedding at chijmes 14
WD_wedding at chijmes 15

WD_wedding at chijmes 16
WD_wedding at chijmes 17
WD_wedding at chijmes 18 WD_wedding at chijmes 19 WD_wedding at chijmes 19a WD_wedding at chijmes 20
wd_wedding cake
Our wedding cake – customized cupcakes decorated with swirl cream + sprinkle pearls + individually wrapped with lace liner and “I Do” tag + ribbon. And not to forget the two cutie piggie topper!!

WD_wedding at chijmes 20b WD_wedding at chijmes 20a
WD_wedding at chijmes 21 WD_wedding at chijmes 21b WD_wedding at chijmes 22
surprise in the middle of the second march-in, moved me to tears.
WD_wedding at chijmes 22a WD_wedding at chijmes 23 WD_wedding at chijmes 23a WD_wedding at chijmes 23b WD_wedding at chijmes 24
Our host of the night Mark van Cuylenburg, aka “The Flying Dutchman”
WD_wedding at chijmes 26
08. KenLily_@Chijmes

Budget tips – Not to let financial pressure from the wedding cause stress in your relationship. We decided early on that we would not begin our marriage financially stressed, so we made a budget for the wedding. Be flexible and compromise! If you spend more on the thing you loved, spend less on other things. The most important is stuck to the overall budget.

Advice – to enjoy every minute of the day, not let any small glitches upset you, because your wedding day was all about marrying a wonderful man/women and nothing else mattered!  Don’t get caught up in the technicalities of the day,but rather enjoy the meaning behind what the day represents.

Hope you all love what you see! (:

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