Davin + Sheila Tie The Knot!!

WD_wedding at food for thought
Baby’s breath chair monograms

We have been very busy these days that we hardly have time to update our blog and portfolio! Please do check our wedding gallery for updated weddings, we’ll try our best to update it as soon we have time in between events and preparation works.

Here is a quick updates on one of the weddings that we had at Food For Thought, Botanic Garden.
Davin & Sheila met in a church eight years ago and it’s love at the first sight for Davin! (Aww…)  ^^ Sheila has a sweet, bubbly and cheerful personality. While Davin is a quiet, (always) calm and cool nice guy!
When we asked them what do you like about each other? Davin replied She is sweet and cute! but the most important is she believes in me and helping me to become the man God wants me to be. She is truly a God-sent! This statement reminds u of Marriage is ever made by destiny and is not about finding the perfect person but about building a lifelong relationship.

We easily get overwhelms and distracted by the never ending to do list while planning for wedding, sometimes we forget about the very first love and moments when our lives cross path and reason why we said ‘Yes’ to his proposal.

We really admire this couple on how they put God in the center of their relationship. They even make a scrapbook of their love story with the promises of God through this journey.

Have a blessed Monday everyone!! (:

 wedding diary_Davin & Sheila at food for thought
We folded hundreds of origami flapping birds and hang them at the Patio (outdoor) as their ROM backdrop. As for the restaurant (indoor), we decorated with flowers, hanging paper lanterns and candle lights for this romantic intimate and cozy night!

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