edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotelPhotos credit: Lightedpixels

We had a very deep impression of Edwin & Florence when we first met them to discuss on their wedding planning. Florence has such a sweet gorgeous contagious smile!!! And we guess that was what captured the heart of Edwin. (:

Edwin & Florence met through their common friend who set them up on a blind date (theoretically not blind because Edwin searched for her picture before meeting her Haa!) but what matters most was that “click”. The common visual for marriage was in still in this pair of lovebirds right from the beginning! It doesn’t matter how awkward the beginning was, it matters who they spend the journey with, and for the rest of their life.

Although it was a long distance relationship, but absence makes the heart grows fonder! And today forward Edwin & Florence begin their journey together as one. One thing is becoming clearer to me, life is complex, but LOVE seems to simplify all things! 

edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel01
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel02
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel03
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel 03
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel04
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel06
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel09
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel05
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel10
edflo_wedding at goodwood park hotel13

The wedding ceremony took place at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore, housed in a uniquely designed building dating back to 1900. Using subtle blush colorus such as pastel pink, cream & champagne, we set a sweet and elegant mood into the ceremony to match their personality.

Without further ado, enjoy these lovely photos by Awesome Memories Photography!

Edwin n Florence_177
Edwin n Florence_179
wedding at goodwood park hotel_decor03
Edwin n Florence_180
Edwin n Florence_182

Edwin n Florence_267
Edwin n Florence_276

wedding decor_goodwood park hotel 09

wedding decor_goodwood park hotel 10
We created a photo wall at the foyer area to walk through their memory lane

Edwin n Florence_574

Here is a sweet review Edwin & Florence wrote for us on different timing:
“Edwin: Hi Lily, we are really impressed with your professionalism, we felt relived that we engaged your services (a part of us regretted not hiring Wedding Diary for the full wedding package). Good Job!! We really appreciate it.”
“Florence: Engaging Wedding Diary turned out to be a very wise choice. Lily is very creative and independent, and little or no handholding is required. Final product was very well received at our wedding and we would like to acknowledge Wedding Diary for a job well done!”

We are so happy to be part of this beautiful celebration, thank you for trusting us to style your special day!

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