Ken, Lily, & Joe {bump}

WD_pregnancy 00

I’m so excited to share some wonderful news from Ken and I with all of you lovelies today – We’re expecting our first baby and it’s a boy! I know this news come a little late as we are so overjoyed about our little one’s arrival but yet still as busy as ever and only now managed to officially announce it. Haa!

Our baby is due to arrive in early July, so we are almost there now – kinda crazy! We can’t wait to meet him!

Thank you Lydia, d’ZIGN for you for these beautiful photos, we will treasure forever.

WD_pregnancy 01

WD_pregnancy 02
WD_pregnancy 03
WD_pregnancy 04
WD_pregnancy 05

WD_pregnancy 07
WD_pregnancy 06
WD_pregnancy 08
WD_pregnancy 09

WD_pregnancy 10

WD_pregnancy 11

WD_pregnancy 12

WD_pregnancy 15
WD_pregnancy 17

WD_pregnancy 13

WD_pregnancy 14
WD_pregnancy 16
WD_pregnancy 18
WD_pregnancy 19

WD_pregnancy 20

WD_pregnancy 22

WD_pregnancy 23

WD_pregnancy 24

WD_pregnancy 25


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