Teck Wee + Pauline Tie the Knot!!


I know it’s day 21, but this is my first post of the year so I’m still going to say it…, ‘”Happy New Year, Everyone!!!” \^^/
I am sincerely thankful for all your love, support and those couples who came along our lives. 2013 was indeed a year of many blessings, pleasant surprises, ups and downs that make us who we are today.

It’s been way too long since I blogged and we still have a handful of weddings we haven’t blogged yet so I’ll be sure to share with you once the season slows down.

In this post we would like to share some lovelies photos of Teck Wee + Pauline Tie the Knot! Teck Wee + Pauline met through a singing session (a.k.a. Karaoke) which organized by Pauline’s elder sister. Back then, Teck Wee was deeply mesmerized by Pauline’s singing and wanted to find out more about her. They both love to travel and willing to drive around the island just to hunt for a good food!

The wedding was held at Keppel Club filled with lots of fun where all the guests can just get loose and have great time. With dance floor setting in the middle of the hall and fairy lights arch at the grand entrance. Without further ado, please enjoy! (:







TeckWee & Pauline - 097

TeckWee & Pauline - 168

TeckWee & Pauline - 243

TeckweePauline (235 of 101)

TeckWee & Pauline - 372

TeckWee & Pauline - 308

TeckWee & Pauline - 322


Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-39

TeckWee & Pauline - 401   Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-20

Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-26

Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-27

TeckWee & Pauline - 404

The tables were all numbered to years that had meaning and memorable to them (years they born in, year they met in, year they got together in, etc.) with picture of them during those years.

Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-25

Wedding Diary at Keppel Club-22

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