Customised Dessert Table!!

I must confess, this is one of my favourite topics for Weddings!! Deep inside of me, I heart baking very much and I’m obsessed with those adorable tiny mini sweetie cutie cakes and desserts. My adrenaline surge jumps on the inside whenever I hunt for desserts be it for Weddings or when my baker shows me her new creations. Just as the bee must have its flower, a wedding is made sweet with a dessert table! Wheee~!!

These sweeties never fail to cheer me up and make me smile. And this makes me love my job even more as Wedding Planner!! (:

Here are some lovely dessert table pictures. Hope you enjoy!!

weddingdiary_dessert table17

Combining muted colors with doilies and mini desserts to create this uber chic dessert table. If you have crafty hands, you can easily recreate this dessert table using old picture frames, chalkboard paint and doilies.

weddingdiary_dessert table20

weddingdiary_dessert table21

weddingdiary_dessert table22

weddingdiary_dessert table11

weddingdiary_dessert table18

How about having Sprinkle Rimmed Waffle Cones Filled With Popcorn on the dessert table? (:

weddingdiary_dessert table19

 Pop corn bar!!

weddingdiary_dessert table05

weddingdiary_dessert table06

weddingdiary_dessert table09

weddingdiary_dessert table13

weddingdiary_dessert table14

I have had a cupcake topping bar idea swirling around in my mind for several months. But back then I was unable to achieve the idea as it’s not suitable for the type of wedding events that Wedding Diary has.

Recently, one of the couple brought back that idea! They want to have dessert corner for their wedding but yet would love to have something different from the usual dessert corner setup.

Here are some inspirations that we found from Green Wedding Shoes:

weddingdiary_dessert table23

weddingdiary_dessert table27 (DIY)

weddingdiary_dessert table28 (DIY)

PS. Love is indeed very Sweet! ^^


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