Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue!

Wedding venue plays a big part in your wedding and believes that this could be one of the most time consuming and important things while you planning a wedding.

Consider unusual venues like the funky bistro, private mansions or art galleries in town. These can make great locations for creative receptions that leave lasting impressions. If you have any location in mind for the wedding reception, check right away for availability. Venues get booked much ahead in advance.

Here are some tips on how to find a perfect venue for your wedding:

1: Set the wedding date (set 2 alternative dates; in case the first date that you enquiry is fully booked)

calendar 03

PS. Choose a date that everyone is happy with (bride-to-be, groom-to-be along with parents). Arrange to have a meal with them and discuss

2: What is the budget that you’ve put aside for the wedding?

Prior to making any decisions about the style, location, etc, figure out what you have to spend and whether your families will contribute

Note: Always try work within a budget and also be flexible at the same time. If something is more costly than you budgeted, just spend a little lesser on something else.

Priorities! Discuss with your partner on what is more important than others.


3: How many guests are you expecting to host?

Draft out the guests lists: family, relatives, friends, schoolmate, and colleagues so you can get the estimated numbers


4: What is your wedding fantasy?

Think About the Big Picture. Envision the type of wedding you both want (outdoor, garden, poolside, even if you are set on a formal event in a ballroom) and choose a color scheme for your big day

Wedding Diary_enchanted garden

weddingdiary_english elegance

weddingdiary_mint and teal

5: What type of reception that you’d be having? (i.e. Lunch/Dinner/Hi-Tea, Chinese Cuisine, Western Set Course, Buffet, Vegetarian, etc.)

6: Take time out to do your own site inspections

Most pictures online can be air-brushed and it’s important you understand the venue package completely

wedding planning

7: Bring your camera for the site inspections and plan them close to the actual timing of your reception

8: Do an attitude check of the site coordinator and always check for on special requests that you may require for your guests: diet restrictions, wheelchair accessibility, child seats, wet weather program (for outdoor locations), parking and time limits.

Some sites simply charge a rental fee and require you to bring in your own florist, caterer and booze. Some may even charge additional costs for butler services or individual plating. Ensure you are able to visualize the seating plan you have in mind and how the location will do justice to the dream wedding that is about to materialize.

Here are some unique wedding venues (restaurant/bistro/mansion) in Singapore for your reference:


Enclosed within the beautiful ceiling-high stained glass windows of the neo-gothic chapel. Seating capacity 300 pax.


chijmes 01


The two levels at the main Mansion could seat up to 200 guests. There are 4 private dining rooms in the main Mansion. The verandah at the lower level is used for outdoor dining. They have a bar on the upper level of the Mansion, at the balcony overlooking the panoramic view of Telok Blangah Hill Park.

alkaff mansion

alkaff mansion 01


Masons offers high quality, affordable European cuisine with a strong French influence.

It pays tribute to the rich history and heritage of Gillman Barracks. Taking styling cues from the grand colonial past, the building built in 1935, has also been restored to re-capture the essence of colonial luxury, offering a stylish yet relaxed dining experience. The restaurant has four sections – the main restaurant, the verandah, the bar and the outdoor alfresco area.

Masons unique tranquil and elegant setting, makes a stunning wedding venue and is available for private event that hire with catering for up to 150 guests.





Seb’s Bistro provides a perfect setting for weddings and events with an alfresco difference as lush forest surrounds its venue. Afternoon tea parties, sunset ceremonies and evening dining delights are a perfect fit against its colonial background doused fenced with greenery. Together with its sizeable yet intimate garden, weddings never looked more charming. Seb’s Bistro can accommodate up to 200 guests for a standing buffet and 150 for a sit down event.

seb's bistro 01

seb's bistro 02


wedding at burkill hall

Wedding at burkill hall

Hope the above information helps in your wedding preparation. Remember, planning for wedding is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Plan earlier to avoid last minute rush and create stress for yourself. (:

with Love,

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