Introducing Wedding Diary Webpage!!

Exciting news lovely WD readers!! This morning we officially launched Wedding Diary webpage!!


The concept of this website is inspired by scrapbooking with a twist of classic vintage. Playing with shades of blush and muted colors is how we’d like to create the dainty yet shuttle concept. Keeping the background clean by using muted soft teal and diary book to pen down all the chapter details.

weddingdiary_website palette

I must admit that apart from being a wedding’s devotee; I am a schizophrenic scrapper! Scrapbooking is a way of me expressing my thankfulness for EVERYTHING God has created and the processes have always surprise me! Fascinating~!! I love to challenge my scrapbooking limit with crazy ideas and birthing of new designs which stands out in a subtle way through tweeting the color combinations and anything “ART” or “Handmade” (if time permits).

We proudly present to you Wedding Diary webpage!!

Hope you all love it like we do!! (:





Fascinated by the love story and mesmerized by the smile and love that our couple shared for each other. This gives me renewed energy to do the best I can to help my brides to pen down a wonderful chapter in their lives. Creating something out of nothing and giving a personality to it, is truly a wonderful and addictive experience.

We are so looking forward to have such an eventful year ahead of us! There is nothing we enjoy more than watching people fall in love.


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