OnYee & Jonathan Tie The Knot!!

Hello readers,

Can’t believe it’s already last week of February!! I bet you are wondering where I have been these days. Well, wedding season is in full swing and we have been extremely busy since the beginning of the wedding season. As we look back 2011, it has been such a blessing & successful year for us and we are so grateful for our amazing clients who have trusted us from the start. Very grateful but we definitely have a ton of work to do, finalizing details and such. A whole bunch has happened since my last post. But here are a couple quick updates before I really forget that I have a blog. Haa.

OnYee and Jonathan met in London and now lives in Hongkong, they contact us from the early stage of their wedding planning. In this chapter, I witness their great love for each other. A love so gentle its contagious! (:

As a wedding planner, there’s a lot of backstage work and coordination to be done. Especially when I’m handling many weddings, my capacity can be stretch at times. However, whenever I thought about my couple loves for each other, smile at their face, it always gives me strength even in the most tiring situation.

 Here are some lovely photos captured by Tinydot Photography (Yu Hsin). Enjoy!!

Thank you Jonathan and On Yee, for allowing us to leave our mini footprint at the starting point of your new journey in life. In my little diary, another lovely fairy tale was penned. You are so blessed with support and love from your fabulous families and friends. I was always met with your genuine smiles and gratitude and so happy that you were truly enjoy the day.

{From OnYee & Jonathan}:

Dear Lily and Hellen

Thanks again to the both of you for your invaluable help over the last year or so planning the wedding. When we first met you last year we could not have imagined how lucky we would be in engaging the right people to plan our wedding.

Lily – thanks for driving all the hard bargains, dealing with all our last minute requests and for being so calm and collected even amidst the pressure cooker of the big day itself. You made us feel so much better about everything knowing you were there covering our backs and running the show. Throughout the process you have been absolutely wonderful and always so kind, calm and supportive.
Hellen – thank you for the beautiful flowers and decorations. The hall was absolutely stunning on Saturday and everything looked perfect.

Thank you both again for helping to make our day unforgettable. We would not hesitate to recommend Diary and Design to anyone getting married in Singapore or Indonesia!! Testimonials on your FB site and forums to follow 🙂

Lots of love
OY and JD

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