{Dear Diary} : DIY Weddings

Handmade Wedding Guest Book

Been awhile since I touch my DIY corner as my hands are really full with upcoming events and pre-works! Yes, my body is aching, but I’m loving it and really enjoy every bit of it, and grateful for the blessings~ In this post, I would like to share my recent creations of DIY wedding guest book. I received a request from a church friend on making a Guest book as she has been searching around for her bestie’s wedding at the end of the month in Bali but to no avail.

Guest book doesn’t always has to be a traditional book filled with a long list of names. It’s supposed to be a book filled with a personality which can be fun and meaningful; fetching precious moments and lovey-dovey memories back to the couple during wedding anniversaries~!!

I must admit that apart from being a wedding’s devotee; I am a schizophrenic scrapper! Scrapbooking is a way I express my thankfulness for EVERYTHING God has created and the processes have always surprise me! Fascinating~!! I love to challenge my scrapbooking limit with crazy ideas and birthing of new designs which stands out in a subtle way through tweeting with the color combinations and anything “ART” or “Handmade” (if time permitting). If I know a particular loved one who likes a certain style – I will scrap in that manner for him/her because the finished work of the Artpiece and my heart for them always cheer them up, bringing joy into their lives.

Creating something out of nothing and giving a personality to it, is truly a wonderful and addictive experience.

Quick peek on my recent creation, enjoy! *^^*

♥ Self-adhesive photo corners attached to the pages of a vintage. Easily slip picture into place

♥ The blank inside allows for an outstanding deal of space to include a personal message, wishes and blessings

♥ DIY Corner (previous works)

♥ Some other ideas that I found out very cool for guest book. . . its truly inspiring! http://papernstitchblog.com/2011/06/24/the-pieces-of-your-love-puzzle/

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