{Dear Diary}: Day of Coordinator 'DOC'

After the dance floor closes and the last tips are paid to the vendors, I finally get a chance to breathe and think about all the things that happened throughout the day. A LOT of thoughts, emotions, and feelings flood my mind on my way back to hotel. Starring outside the side glass window, feelings of relief while feeling exhausted from a day of running around and yet a complete sense of satisfaction.

We are at Batam this weekend for Wedding of Yeni & Jack, the event takes place at Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam – Indonesia. I would like to share on how important to have DOC (Day of Coordinator). Yeni & Jack approached us 10 days before their wedding day as they are disappointed by their Wedding Planner, which withdrawn 2 weeks before the BIG day. It’s indeed BIG day for them with 1,700 guests and 9 VIP tables (invited Batam Governor and Indonesia Parliaments – DPR). During our first meeting they really desperate and lost, lots of family members offer their hands on their wedding which causing a mess and confusion. Good to have helpful family but not too many parties involved.

Yeni is Indonesian Chinese and Jack is American Born Chinese, this reception is mainly for Bride’s side only (family, friends, and relatives) and they have another separate reception in New York for Jack’s relatives/friends.

I did consider a lot in the beginning, most of my clients hire me 5-6 months before their wedding and I do prefer working closely with them to insure quality service & to plan out all the details. (I actually love giving my opinions on choosing linens, flowers, lighting & decor details and not to mention going with them to food & cake tasting! keke). Not only do I enjoy the process of planning a wedding together with the couple, but I also really appreciate and love getting to know them throughout the process.

Having a coordinator can be the best investment you’ll make during your planning and I always mention this to my clients before they sign the contract:

  1. Hire your DOC at least one or two months prior to your event. You need to understand that although you’re practically hiring them for the day of, it requires extensive work & communication in order to create a flawless event.
  2. Your DOC will not be held responsible for any lack of professionalism or service by the vendors, especially if the bride & groom have chosen their own vendors outside of the recommendations.

There are so many components of a wedding – from the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to all the activities that take place during the reception. A professional coordinator makes sure that you keep on schedule, maintain a great flow, handle any crises that may arise and make sure the day is worry and stress free for you. However, you cannot expect your DOC to do it alone, it’s a team work between all the vendors & on site banquet manager.

There also needs to be a complete trust between the coordinator and the bride, to be sure that the coordinator will take care of any sticky issue that may arise during the planning process. This will also mean that she will have to be quick, discerning, frank, and somewhat courageous to step up, even when her reputation is on the line. However, she also needs to be wise as to what to say and how to say when they hear all sorts of complaints about their in-laws, future husband to-be, parents, friends, MOH, and not to mention, some of their vendors. For this reason, you want to find someone not only resourceful but someone who knows how to deal with real life issues. As you can see, being a coordinator is more than making things pretty or being organized; she needs to handle real life crisis with poise and professionalism
Bottom line is, whoever you choose as your coordinator, ask yourself, “Does she know my taste? Is she on the same page or ahead of me to guide me through the process?”

Stay tunned for Yeni & Jack detailed images. Wishing them a blessed marriage and happily ever after! (:


P.S. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish from this day forward. . .

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