{Dear Diary}: William & Joy' Choosing of Wedding Gown

Headed to bridal shop with one of my couple {William & Joy } this afternoon, chose wedding gowns for their pre-wedding photo shoot and Actual Day. I don’t have tough time in finding her perfect gown as Joy loves simple and elegant style for her gowns and furthermore she knows what is her dream gown! After trying couple of gowns with different colors, texture and silhouettes (to find a color that suit her skin tone) we decided to go for MTM for her wedding gown and getting off-the-rack gowns for photo shoot.

Joy looked absolutely stunning in all of her 3 gowns (she has two short dress and one evening gown). We had such a great time, filled with laugh and laughter; they are truly fun and loving couple! Getting to know this couple has been a blessing and such joy!

Joy’s dream gown 🙂

TIPS: When choosing your wedding dress, you might be surprised to learn that white doesn’t suit everyone and that the ‘white wedding dress’ you always dreamed of might not actually suit your skin tone.

In fact, white can be hugely unflattering for many women. That’s why off-white, champagne, ivory, gold, silver or subtle pinks also make popular wedding dress colours for many brides-to-be.

With this in mind, it’s best to try on as many wedding dresses as possible until you find a colour to suit your skin tone, decide on the silhouettes and found your perfect wedding dress.

**My current obsession over all things lace, ruffles, sparkles and light chiffon fabric. Find these dresses quite inspiring! (:

“Elie Saab Runway – Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture”

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