{Fab Ideas} : Intro to Wedding Design

I received this question a lot recently, ” So what is wedding design?” I admit that I didn’t coin that term, but it represents all the things that I believe a wedding should have, sense of design.

It just like a house. An HDB flat ( Singapore goverment flat ) can look the same from top floor to bottom floor. But what differentiate one house from the other is the interior design. If you just take a standard flat of HDB and don’t do any renovation or any kind of interior design, your house will look exactly the same like your neighbour. It’s called the Standard a.ka the template.

It is a growing trend among the young couple nowadays to renovate their new house to their liking. Design is becoming part of lifestyle and people are starting to show individuality’s style. Sadly, wedding has taken a backseat in this area. But with the growing number of young couple’s interest in customized-themed wedding, I believe we can chance the trend of this industry. Ambitious as it may sounds, we will do it, one couple at a time.

White Serenity

Have you ever attend a wedding where everything points out to the couple’s taste and characters? When you enter the room, you were wowed by the every single details that leads to one theme? If tiffany blue and paper rosettes are the main elements, I want to see it in every details of my wedding.

I wish to attend to more of this wedding in Singapore.

Almost all houses speak of the owner’s characteristic. Wedding is the same. It speaks of your characteristic as a bride and groom.

“But we already have a theme from the hotel and they provide everything. How can we still design anything?”

In Singapore, it’s a common practice to have wedding banquet in hotel. All hotel will provide the basic wedding package. Technically you can still get married even if you only take their package without any customisation. It may sounds convenient but it’s also the core reason of most of template wedding.

Hotel’s theme makes life easier and less troublesome, yet it can be typical and uninspiring too. That’s why we love to turn a standard hotel theme to a customized style. Even better if we are giving a blank canvas to design a wedding. We take the hotel theme and elevate it to a well-customized and gorgeous wedding of your own. The key is in the details, color-coordination and focal point. You can still create a theme of your own without having to top up a single cents on your hotel package, like what we did here. You just need the magic of wedding design.

The essence of wedding design is to create a holistic and comprehensive wedding look. On one glance, when you enter that room, you know what is the theme of this wedding. You can feel it in every corner.

Wedding design set the look of your wedding right from the start and be the guide book (or we called it style guide) of how you choose your hotel theme, your flower color, your invitation, the ligthing, songs, etc.

In the next post, I will explain more of our steps in creating the wedding design.

PS: I have been wanting to write about it for a long time but couldn’t find the perfect time to do it. Now, at 3:30am I’m blogging about it.  I guess the perfect time never comes. It only comes when you feel like you have to do it and you just do it.

I decided to write this after an email from one lovely bride-to-be who desperately want a beautiful wedding of her own but her fiance thinks engaging wedding planner is too expensive. So she asked does wedding design mean.

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