Inspired Me : the Art of Inspiration Board

Here in Wedding Diary, every couple get a personlized design treatment. The first thing that we do after the couple confirm our services is to get to know them personally. What are their liking, preference, favorite flowers, personality. Then comes the inspiration board. Inspiration Board is a collection of images that captures the essence of your wedding look. At one look your board should display the mood and feel of your wedding.

Personally, this is one of my favorite part of designing a wedding. We proposed few style boards to the client and let them choose which one that suits their wedding. It is the same in any art and design project, you always start with a moodboard or style board.I learned in art school and now I am applying it to my work. The first thing I did when I got engaged was my own moodboard, in good ol’ fashioned- collage way.

Here are some sample of inspiration board based on color:

If you don’t have any specific theme in mind, color theme is a good point to start.Try to mix 2-3 colors, but play around with the percentage. Choose 1 dominant color and set a higher percentage for that particular color. The rest of the color can the neutral colors.

Here are some sample of inspiration board based on mood:

Whimsical & Kitschy
Rustic & Garden

We also proposed inspiration board based on the theme, like what we did for our couple :

I love retro and jazz in the 1920s, so we proposed this board to one of our couple that have the similar liking and they love it:

Sometimes the client will choose something that totally the opposite of their personality, just to surprise their guest. One of our couple was a fun and outspoken with bold personality, yet they chose something that was quite different. The classic, elegant and English style.

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