A Rustic Whimsical Wedding Show

Hello Monday!!

We are very guilty for neglecting this virtual space but we are still here!!! We are totally occupied with preparing a handful of upcoming local & destination weddings, meetings, and mockups. AND we are also in the midst of revamping our website!! Super excited for this! Will definitely post about this once it’s up! It’s indeed a blessed fruitful last quarter! Let’s finish 2016 strong together! (:

We’d like to share a wedding show we hosted last month at Skyve Wine Bistro, located in a nook off Orchard Road. If you’ve been following us, you might recognize this venue. We are truly honored to work with them for these past few years as their preferred wedding stylist and decorator. We love the coziness of this ultra charming nostalgic bistro and it’s elegant backyard alfresco space. Perfect for anything captivating and romance brewing~

The theme for this wedding show was inspired by a rustic whimsical ease. The tone and palette were set with muted greens, rustic brown, blush snow pink and copper twinkling fairy lights. All the accents were natural woods, botanical, romantic and whimsy.

In this showcase, we had also our talented friendors namely Jessicacindy, Sparkle Live Music, Antelope Studios and Shirly Twirly!

Enjoy these lovely images courtesy of Antelope Studios and Wedding Diary Team! We are so beyond grateful for the overwhelming responses and can’t thank you enough for your support!wd_rusticwhimsical17

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Quick Post: Our Works!

Hello all!!

It’s been a busy few weeks but we hope you’ve all been well! Thank you for visiting our blog! Just a quick update to share on our works. Finally managed to take some time off time to put all these beautiful pictures together. Hope you enjoy! (:

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WD_at Skyve Wine Bistro
edding at Skyve Wine Bistro
We are utterly honored to be one of a preferred partner of Skyve Wine Bistro & Bar as their wedding decor & styling. An ultra charming nostalgic bistro in a nook off Orchard Road. If you are looking around for a cozy and chic place to get married, Skyve must definitely be on your list!
WD_at the lawn equarius hotel
Wedding at The Lawn, Equarius Hotel Resort World Sentosa
. Stunning outdoor venue with nature surroundings! If you love outdoor, plan an intimate celebration with beautiful sundown, you may check this place out!
WD_at Chijmes Hall
Wedding at Chijmes Hall!! Loving these white elegance stage decor at Chijmes with a 3D polyfoam backdrop stained glass effect and lighting features. Worth all the hard work!!
It reminds me of my own wedding which was held at this elegantly awe-inspiring hall!! It’s simply sweeet to recall the memories of my own wedding, feeling nostalgic and heart warming all over again! Click here for more wedding images!
WD_at Chijmes Hall 01
WD_bukit batok presbyterian church
Wedding at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church. Click here for more pictures of this beautiful church wedding!

Take care and we will be back for more updates!! (:


WD_RP_Pavilion Shang00
Hello all!! Hope you have had a great time reading the previous post on Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan’s wedding… Did tears came welling up in your eyes just like how it happened the same for me? :’)

In this post we’d like to bring you a magical wedding of Richard and Puvana that took place at (Dutch) Pavilion, Shangri-La Singapore. This heritage building is one of the unique wedding venues for a small intimate celebration, nestled amidst tropical gardens within Shangri-La Hotel. With its old Dutch school charm and beautiful gable roofs, it made a distinctive setting for their nuptials.

The decoration was inspired by the galaxy themed and bride’s favorite colors of deep blue and purple. We worked our way towards creating a glam starry night sky for them, surrounded by dozens of shining stars and beautiful lights. Using sophisticated palette of Blues, Purple, Sparkling Gold & White which indeed the perfect choices to compliment this amazing heritage site.

Without further ado, please enjoy these magical reception details photos!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang01
Overlay the registration tables with rich blue sequin linen, draping gold gilt garland and flowers.
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang02
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang03
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang04
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang05
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang06
We customized the dessert items to theme as well such as Galaxy cakepops, ‘Moon-berries’ tarts, ‘Mars-mallow’, Macarons and not to forget the galaxy milky-way table overlay accompanied with warm fairy lights backdrop and glittering stars to complete the setup!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang07
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang09
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang08
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang13
THE WALKWAY | was adorned with star-shaped marquee lights at the entrance to greet the guests, fairy lights draping along the walkway, glittering shiny stars from the roofs. Under the night sky, it was totally romantic and heart warming!!
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang11a
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang12
WD_RP_Pavilion Shang10a
We managed to take a few snapshots before we take it all down! ><

“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.” It is so true indeed. This wedding is one of a kind, and definitely a beautiful and heartening one. We are blessed to be able to witness it! Congratulations once again, Richard and Puvana, stay in love! (:

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NYXX_wedding at RWS11
In a blinking of an eye, we are approaching the end of February. Nevertheless, since this is the first post of 2016 to all of you, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! On a side note, hope you enjoyed the abundance of bak-kwa and pineapple tarts for the past two weeks? :p

It has been some time since we last blogged, and here in this post today, we can’t wait to share with you one of the loveliest weddings that took place at the start of 2016, in the month of January.

This lovely couple, Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan first knew each other when they were classmates in Secondary Two. As Nan Yang was the top student in class, Xiao Xuan would never reject his ‘invitation’ to study together in the library. And of course, they fell deeply in love with one another soon after.

“True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.” I believed this was the case for Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan. Soon after a few years of courtship, both Nan Yang and Xiao Xuan went to the US to further their studies, and to work overseas for a period of time, however both situated in different parts of US. It definitely wasn’t the easiest four years to get through, yet the significant part was that throughout their 4 years of long-distance relationship, they made time to talk and share their lives with each other every single day. Their love for one another did not change, but only grew stronger and tougher through those hard and difficult times.

On a happy note, Nan Yang was a responsible and confident man, he is always serious about his family, his work, and everything that he does in life. And most of all, he is a very humorous guy, always bringing joy and laughter to the people around him, and of course, to the love of his life. On the other hand, Xiao Xuan is someone very passionate about her everyday life. She lives life and loves life to the fullest. She is the woman behind her successful man; To Nan Yang, Xiao Xuan has always been his best support in his life. After 8 years of courtship, Nan Yang eventually proposed on a private hot air balloon ride, with one knee on the ground and a ring in his hands.

NYXX_wedding at RWS12
NYXX_wedding at RWS15
I guess it is so true when someone says, “Distance means so little, when someone means so much.”

Having enough of their love story, let’s move on to the highlights of their wedding! This romantic garden inspired wedding was held at The Equarius Lawn, RWSentosa! Using vintage rustic props, together with subtle blush colored flowers such as cream, peach and powder pink, it brings a tinge of countryside, yet romantic and elegant mood into the atmosphere.

Here are some pictures from the wedding ceremony and dinner reception!
NYXX_wedding at RWS00a
NYXX_wedding at RWS01a
*the first two beautiful images are from The Galeria by Brian Ho
NYXX_wedding at RWS00
NYXX_wedding at RWS02
NYXX_wedding at RWS02a
NYXX_wedding at RWS01
Bundles of flowers tied to the chairs by the aisle; Together with the aisle walkway sprinkled with flower petals… Every detail had been looked into, because it represented our love and blessings to the couple as they walked down the aisle to perform their vows
NYXX_wedding at RWS02c
NYXX_wedding at RWS02a
NYXX_wedding at RWS02b
NYXX_wedding at RWS03
NYXX_wedding at RWS04
NYXX_wedding at RWS05
NYXX_wedding at RWS03a
NYXX_wedding at RWS06
NYXX_wedding at RWS04a
You can watch their wedding highlight here!

The wedding dinner was at S.E.A Aquarium, RWSentosa. We adorned the walkway and Ocean Gallery with warm fairy lights and hundreds of tealight candles along the tunnel. Guests enjoyed and had a lots of fun, they immersed in an endless blue sea and mesmerised by thousands of fishes swimming by. It totally pulled off a romantic, heart-warming mood of love to celebrate the newly-wed.
NYXX_wedding at RWS07a
NYXX_wedding at RWS07
NYXX_wedding at RWS08
NYXX_wedding at RWS10
NYXX_wedding at RWS09
NYXX_wedding at RWS11
NYXX_wedding at RWS06a
“When two people really care about each other, they always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is.”

We hope you enjoyed every bit of this post because we had so much fun sharing with you guys! Stay tuned for more posts coming up, but meanwhile, feel free to visit our (https://www.instagram.com/wedding_diary/)!

YQ + Maureen Tie the Knot!!

The last quarter of 2015 wedding season is in full swing and there are so many photos we are dying to share with all of you.  It has been quite busy over here with meetings, events, designing, planning and prep works. But we wanted to pause for a moment and share with you these lovely photos from Yin Qing & Maureen’s wedding.

This fun romantic backyard UP inspired wedding was held at Skyve Bistro. When we first met YQ + Maureen, they had a clear vision on what theme they want for the wedding and both are sharing the same passions on “Many firsts.” “Many Firsts” represent things that they do together for the first time and also things that they would not have done without each other. Because of that, they went for musicals, hiking and did many things and they strive to continue to do so in the future.

They are one of the most easy-going and sweetest couples that we had met. We love it when clients trust us from start to finish as it allows us to explore more in creativity design process while we keep things within or under their budget.

There are tons of handmade and DIY works for this wedding from a huge UP house angbao box that we made from scratch, stripes and stripes of colorful tassels, till hot-air balloons. But it’s truly worth all the works when we see how they loved and had fun on the wedding!
Enjoy their wedding images and be sure to like us on Facebook & follow us on Instagram to keep up with everything we are doing! (:
WD_angbao box
Photo table with customised props & photo album to fits in the theme
Customized 2-tier wedding cake with handmade chairs fondant topper & wooden tag


Hello Readers! It’s been such a good month of August celebrating Our National Day. Hope everyone of you had an awesome and enjoyable SG50 Jubilee Long Weekend😀

Since the last wedding show at Amara, we are delighted and honoured to be invited once again to participate in this year’s show held at Amara Hotel Singapore.
For this time round we did a fantasy romantic concept with a whimsical twist. We adorned the table with warm twinkly lights across, rustic elements of woods and coupled with a number of handmade items. We had such great fun doing up every tiniest details to make it as perfect as possible to express the theme through our hands.

Without further a do, let’s enjoy this beautiful works of Enchanted Rustic Romance…
Hope you enjoyed this lovely piece of work as much as we do! Have a blessed weekend🙂

Sprinkled With Love!!

Our Sunshine Littleman Turns One!!

It’s such an amazing feeling when your child turns one (: a mixed feeling of joy and pride and achievement!

When we (my husband and I) started planning the party, we decided to keep things simple. So we did a small party at our home (technically lift lobby area) as that is the space that can accommodate the number of guests that we had. At the same time, we wanted to make as many fun memories at this house before we think about possibly relocating in the future. Plus, it was a great way to do some major house cleaning! I’ve in mind the venue way before he was born! Haaa!😄 Eventually we decided his comfort is the priority, so that everyone can enjoy and have fun.

The concept for the party was to create a fun-filled and casual atmosphere. Thus, we revolve around the Sprinkles and Confetti Theme. We adorned the area with powder blue backdrop, colorful birthday signage, rainbow garland and adorable dessert table which was a hit for both young and old. We did an ice cream cone sculpted cake in double chocolate ganache flavor for his birthday cake. We planned all these in 2 weeks time!
Here comes the birthday boy! Pretty much can’t handle this cuteness. He is such a joy and blessing for us. Mama & Papa pray that Joe will grow to be a wonderful man of God filled with faith, hope, courage, wisdom and patience. We speak health & success into your life. With God’s protection over you all your life. And most of all, true LOVE to complete your life. (:
Here’s a before and after picture of the lift lobby:
WeddingDiary_desserttable_Joe05 (before 1)
Including a backdrop definitely pulls the look all together and transform the place!!

Now into the details:
WeddingDiary_desserttable_Joe08 copy
Left: custom made ‘Up’ house at the voting corner with a giant ice cream made from balloons topped with colorful sprinkles
Right: Joe’s one year old milestone
Raffle Time!! We had some fun in between the party. We asked the guests to vote, what do you think Joe would aspire to be in the future! And guess what Joe chose for his future? Be a Millionaire!!! Haaa!😄
sprinkled with love party favor jars
with Wedding Diary Team

Hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did! We’ll be back with more real weddings and events but in the meantime, please visit our Instagram for latest updates!

Wedding at Vineyard?

Hello readers! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and wonderful Mother’s Day celebration! (:
On this post we are excited to share with you guys, a beautiful venue we recently spotted and sparked on! Working in wedding industry, time management is absolutely crucial. As we are often running from place to place, meeting timeline to timeline, and we might just lose sight of the surroundings we passed by. I have been to Hort Park for a number of times for site visits with vendors & couples, wedding styling & décor and organizing wedding. But it took me one fine day to notice this beautiful restaurant nestled in the midst of this stunning park named Vineyard. Which the name itself already sounds posh and winery!
Vineyard - Exterior Patio
Vineyard spanned across Patio (outdoor), Indoor and Verandah that can accommodate 150 to 180 pax. This is a perfect setting for those who love to have an outdoor wedding but yet concern with the Singapore unpredictable weather. Vineyard unique tranquil and cosy intimate setting makes a stunning wedding venue. Not to forgot the astounding food! We tried their 5-course sit down French cuisine with Intermezzo in between.

Appetizer: Duo of Pickled Vegetable and Zucchini Flower Bloom on Yuzu Jelly
It is a dish that combines Zucchini and Cream Cheese wrapped within nice crispy dough skin presented in the shape of a flower, delicately hand-rolled by the chef. A mouthful of crispy dough skin and soft tender paste is almost a guaranteed delight to all folks! Prickled Vegetable of salt-ish and blend taste were served to add layer of stimulation to our taste buds. The Yuzu Jelly tastes somewhere in between the Duo Prickled Vegetable. Its as if there’re blend, salty & saltier side dishes. Certainly a great appetizer paving the way for the dishes behind!
Duo of Pickled Vegetable and Zucchini Flower Bloom on Yuzu Jelly
* Side note: Zucchini is a cucumber-like vegetable that can also be considered as a fruit. It was named Britain 10th favorite culinary vegetable in 2005.

Soup: Seafood Bouillabaisse
A stew soup made from shells of Lobster & Clay fish. Coupled with generous servings of big-sized scallop, juicy prawn, fresh fish-fillet together with squid and nicely diced potatoes all pan-fried individually before putting together. That basically says it all! I believe all you readers can actually smell the aroma just by looking at the ingredients! (It might be a little heavy-meal for the ladies, but certainly a must-have for the guys~)
Seafood Bouillabaisse
Entree: Proscintto Fennel Risotto
One of my favorite dishes! It’s a rice dish cooked in a broth added with Proscintto (Ham) and Fennel (Aromatic herb.) It’s a plate of pearl-like rice dish in creamy form. The presentation & color of a dish can affect the diner’s mood and but Risotto has always traditionally looked a little more on the blend side. However, once we start tucking away, it is amazingly appetizing!
Prosciutto Fennel Risotto in Light Seafood Bisque
*Done some research and realized that Fennel has lots of health benefits include relief from anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, and eye care. Yeahh!

Intermezzo: Yuzu Sobet
A palate cleanser before we move on to our main course and the taste is superb! We love this!!!
Yuzu sorbe

Main Course: Herb-Crusted Veal Loin
Needless to say, it’s the highlight of the day. Veal Loin is one of the best steaks around. The meat is extremely tender covered in herbs. The overall experience was well balanced with the Ratte Potatoes & Sauteed Vegetables. The chef definitely knows how to cook a good steaks! For even a not-so-meat-lover like me can finish it! Yes! I finished it! I’m surprised! Haa!

Herb-crusted Veal Loin served with ratte potatoes and sauteed summer vegetables

Dessert: Baileys Souffle with Coffee Ice Cream
This is a dessert that totally win me over! The Souffle is so delicate that it basically started melting like 1 min after it was served! It’s extremely soft and flavored at just the right balance. The strawberries lessen my guilt of eating too sugary. As a coffee lover, having it with a coffee ice cream, it brought a beautiful closing to the Tasting Menu. Almost! For we have room for more~!


Bonus: Warm Lemon Lava Cake with Chantilly Cream & Sesame Tuile
We had an extra dessert out of the Tasting Menu. Vineyard’s signature dessert, Lemon Lava Cake. The taste is awesome!! The appearance is pretty much the same as a chocolate lava cake, but when we pierce through the cake yellow lemon lava melts and we can smell the lemon sweet sour taste. It is a very innovative!
Lemon Lava Cake with Crème Chantilly

With this, it certainly brought a good finale to a fabulously sumptuous meal for us.

Having been to countless food tasting that are cooked in mass portions, I almost forget how it’s like to be pampered with delicate food served on a personal level. Truly a great satisfying meal~!

Until then, back to work!


It’s absolutely amazing how God works and plan every steps of the way for the two individual to meet, know each other, fall in love… till they say I Do and embark a new chapter in their live together!🙂

Every wedding has a beautiful love story to tell, for this month we are bringing you “The Book of Reuben & Vanessa”.  (:
Vanessa is a beautiful bubbly lady, and on the other side, Reuben is an outgoing, bold and driven guy. Their love story begins to unfold the day when Vanessa caught Reuben’s eyes. I believe that must be a love at first sight for Reuben. With Reuben’s boldness and relentless spirit for a good 6 years, he finally secured a place in Vanessa’s heart. Indeed, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Reuben’s love gave Vanessa the sense of security that she could find no other, and the same goes for Vanessa to Reuben.

Invite Card WD

Reuben & Vanessa’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church, the place where they first met and mark the start of their love.

For their wedding we use minimum of flowers and ribbons, as for Reuben & Vanessa flowers are too mainstream! Haa! Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers! But sometimes, going with something simple by adding candles, glass bubbles and fairy lights to the ceremony decor is more sophisticated than adding too much flowers to fill-up the space. Thus for their wedding decor we’re using subtle blush colours such as powder pink, cream & gold/champagne, to set a romantic and elegant mood from the Sanctuary till Fellowship Hall and Photo Corner.

Without further ado, let’s enjoy these stunning photos taken by Dzign For You, Lydia
registration table decor with handmade paper flowers, tassel garlands and customized angbao box.
a star lighted backdrop with hanging fairy lights on the stage. And customised Mr & Mrs wooden signage tie with cream ribbons on bride & groom chairs

Customized photo-wall with giant handmade paper flowers and some twigs with hanging bubbles & gold dust. Plus photos table display to complete this beautifully gorgeous setup for Reuben & Vanessa’s wedding. No details was left behind! Every folds and rolls of the giant paper flowers represent our blessings towards the couple.
Collage 2
Hundred droplets of glass glitters were hanged across the dinning area.
Bridal Bouquet – we managed to take a quick snapshot before passing the bridal bouquet to the groom. *Yeah!

“At last one came along that fit just right.” – The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein

Hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did! We’ll be back with more real weddings but in the meantime, please visit our Instagram for latest updates!

Love Note {Wedding Diary Review} : “We are still in awe and reminiscing about our decor that day. Thanks lily for the awesome decorations and pretty flowers!” – Vanessa